Step 1 - Meeting and Proposal

The initial meeting is the foundation of the whole website design process. Our goal is to learn more about your company and explain our service in greater detail. We also take this time to gather all the details needed to give you an accurate customized proposal for the execution of your project. Don’t worry if you’re not sure exactly what you are looking for, we can help explain the options and make suggestions. At the conclusion we’re confident that you will have a better idea of how we will work together to create your new website. We usually provide a proposal within a couple days of the initial meeting. Barring any changes to the proposal, we can be off and running quickly.

Step 2 - Design and Content

Design and Content: After we have received a signed proposal we get started on the design. Typically we start with a homepage design because this sets the tone for the rest of the site. Following any changes and approval of the homepage design, we will immediately translate the design to your interior pages. While we are working on the design of your site we will work with you to gather all “stuff” that is needed to execute the design in the next step. This includes gathering content, media such as photos, and existing website logins for domains, hosting and analytics. Many clients need help with gathering this information but we can assist you with unravel things and schedule an interview with our copywriter.

Step 3 - Development

This step is where art becomes reality. Our coding geniuses get to work making sliders and menus come alive. Your site will be built to a fully functioning website template at a temporary domain so that we can work without disturbing your current website.

Step 4 - Website Build out

At this point we take all the content and media that you have gathered and populate the site. This is the melding of the functioning template with the actual content. Here you will see the final touches of each page come to fruition.

Step 5 - Testing and Rollout

Once your site is fully built we do testing to make sure every link and button is working as expected. We tidy up and final details that may need attention and then launch the website to the world. You can now visit your website at your website domain.

Step 6 - Training

Now it’s time to show you the nuts and bolts of the admin of your website. You will be introduced to the tools to maintain your website. This may sound daunting to many people but we have clients of all levels of technical expertise who are successfully editing their websites with our intuitive admin.

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